Girls in ICT Event on April 28, 2022

In celebration of Girls & Women in ICT, the ICT Associatie Suriname organized a special event of workshops and a panel for girls and women interested in the field of ICT.

This event was organized by the women from the organizations such as Telesur, PTC, ICT-AS, Datasur, and Lybra. The theme for 2022 is access and safety. The event had several workshops led by the following women: Sheetal Sujan from Lybra Training, Coaching, and Consulting, Joan Heidanus and Yasmeen Sohadi from Rosheuvel and Partners Business Group, and Melany van Ommeren van Callot Traning & Consultancy. There was also a Panel session led by Whitney de Rijp from Datasur, Priyanka Kumari from PTC, and Jennis Asraf from Telesur.

The goal of these workshops and panel is to create more awareness of women working within the ICT sector, sharing their experience with other young women who are thinking of making a career within this field! The workshops also provided women with the tools, tips and insights from those working within the ICT sector in Suriname.

This event is a yearly event that will be done by the ICT Associatie Suriname in collaboration with member organizations encouraging more Girls & Women in ICT to share their experience, knowledge, and expertise, and to recognize the women who have excelled in this field.

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