Bits Please Technologies N.V. 


On demand developers for your business.

Web and mobile development services. 

Bits Please Technologies is a leading software engineering, consulting and outsourcing agency delivering exceptional business and technological solutions that add value to our clients. 

We are a team of highly motivated and skilled software engineers that help our clients unveil and satisfy demand for digital transformation by providing engineering and consulting services that foster innovation. 

Our comprehensive knowledge of software and application development enables us to deliver high-quality development packages designed to optimize your costs and maximize your profits. 


Our clients’ core business objectives are the center of our work and our talented developers bring their best to every project with passion. 

New software development projects 

  1. When you need an experienced, strategic software development team to collaborate with closely 
  1. When you need a team that can deliver on time, within budget and covering all aspects including comprehensive testing  
  1. When you prefer an agile development process by a proven company 

Additional staff for existing software projects 

  1. When you have an existing software project and need skilled developers who are both cost-effective and can assist your team 
  1. When you need specific coding skills such as JAVASCRIPT, REACT, NEXTJS, NODEJS, LARAVEL and much more… 
  1. When you prefer a team supporting you 100% with excellent work and fast responses when necessary. 

Type of projects we can work on: 

  1. Web development projects 
  1. Mobile development projects 
  1. Digital product design 
  1. Custom Corporate Solutions 

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Voornaam: Shaniel

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