About Datasur

Our Vison Statement:
Leading the professionalization of ICT services in Suriname and the growth of the Surinamese sector, through the provision and development of high quality, sustainable and economically sound ICT solutions.

Services Datasur

1. Cloud Services: infrastructure as a service, cloud computing, private rooms, etc.
2. Disaster recovery Services: storage, backup, DR sites, international DR, Business Continuity
3. Software as a Solution Services: several SAAS solutions for our customers, based on their requirements
4. Consultancy: Network Management, Optimization, Database Management, Linux, ISO audits, 24/7 NOC Services, etc.
5. Hosting & Development: website, domain, email hosting, development of applications & websites

Contact Datasur

Contact persoon: Anvit Ramlakhan
Telefoonnummer: +597 897 74 86

Adres: Peprepinweg 96B Wanica – Suriname
Algemeen Emailadres:
Telefoonnummer: +597 – 402925
Link naar vacatures:

Contactpersoon Sales: Whitney de Rijp
Telefoonnummer: +597 859 08 64

Contact persoon Sollicitaties: Sheetal Ganput
Telefoonnummer: +597 850 83 18