BDO Suriname Tax News Alert

BDO Suriname Tax News Alert

• Tripartite Agreement 
• Tax adjustments as of January 1, 2022 

Generally, our newsletter provides updates of developments on tax, legal and financial matters that might impact your business in Suriname. In this newsletter we provide an update of the latest tax developments. Please note that this newsletter contains general information and has been written in general terms and should therefore be used for general guidance purposes only.

The Government, Trade Unions and the business community have reached a Tripartite Agreement. With respect to taxes, which is an important pillar, we inform you about the upcoming changes. The Tripartite Agreement was reached after a joint effort and entails the cooperation and endorsement of the social partners in order to stabilize the socio-economic situation in the country. Based on the agreement reached by the Social Partners the following adjustments will apply per January 1, 2022: Regarding the payroll/Wage Tax: I. Increase of the monthly tax-free sum from SRD 220.50 to SRD 4,000. II. Increase of the tax-free annual threshold for the vacation allowance from SRD 4,000 to SRD 6,516. III. Increase of the tax-free annual threshold for the bonus from SRD 4,000 to SRD 6,516.

IV. The Tax brackets per year for the payroll will be adjusted as follows:

V. The levy rebate of SRD 750 per month will be included in the taxfree amount and will therefore expire. 

VI. The fixed deduction per month for professional expenses remains maximized to SRD 100. As a result, due to the increase of the taxfree amount of SRD 4,000, the total tax-free amount per month will be SRD 4,100. 

VII. Per July 2022, more structural changes of the tax brackets and Wage Tax will be implemented together with the introduction of the Value Added Tax (VAT).

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