Webinar: Coding for Non-Coders

Interested in learning about coding but not sure where to start? Join the first webinar of 2022 by the ICT-AS, our speakers will share their knowledge about the essentials of coding, and how to get started on this.

Who should attend?

Those who want to learn how to code, and those who want to understand the basics of coding.

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022

Timing: 11:00 – 12:00

Platform: Zoom

Registration link

Rajiv Hieralal
(Apptastic N.V.)
Rushil Ramautar (Datasur)

About Rajiv Hieralal
Rajiv Hieralal is the founder and CEO of the software development company Apptastic N.V. Through the company’s 11 years experience, Rajiv has led many software development projects in Suriname and USA. In this webinar he will share insights, trends and experience (for the general public) about coding for non-coders.

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About Rushil Ramautar
Rushil Ramautar, a 23-year-old career-driven web developer born and raised in Suriname. At an early age he discovered a love for computers and tech in general. He is the kind of individual that will always lend a helping hand to the people that are close to me. To broaden his reach and be helpful at an international scale, he created a YouTube channel at 13 years old to aid people in their computer related inconveniences by providing guides, tips and helpful insights. These characteristics and traits are now the foundation of his profession and way of working. Rushil loves architecting and building software solutions on the web, whether it be websites, web applications or 3D experiences. He always strives to deliver software solutions that amplify, accelerate, and streamline core business processes.

He is currently Studying Technical Informatics at the Polytechnic College of Suriname where will soon receive his Bachelor in Technology.

While working in the IT industry since 2017 Rushil has helped multiple businesses successfully digitalize and optimize their business processes. In the second half of 2020 he joined the team of Datasur where he has provided a plethora of useful web applications, websites and software solutions for businesses locally and abroad. These solutions were delivered to businesses in several sectors such as telecommunication, retail, adult content, media, medical, finance and horeca. One of the success stories of a solution built by me was within the media sector and has provided a time savings of 25% and a cost savings of 93%.

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