Lybra’ Low Code Platform

The way software, applications, interfaces, and information systems are developed has changed drastically over time. The traditional ‘Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)’, also known as the ‘waterfall methodology’, was developed in the 1960s and is difficult to apply in today’s fast-changing world. Since then other methodologies have been developed such as the Rapid Application Development (RAD)’ methodology, the ‘Agile Iterative Development’ methodologies, and most recently the ‘Lean Software Development’ model. The Lean Software Development model focuses mainly on eliminating waste, adding value for the client, and fast processes.

Lybra’s Lean Certified Software Developers use the Lean Software Development model together with our low code/no code AppLy framework, to develop information systems with 60% less time and resources. Our internal certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor ensures the proper controls are in place in order for your information system to comply with the principles of safe software development.

Our systems-driven and people-oriented approach address the following challenges from the start of a project: fear and/or resistance to changedigital literacy, and process standardization.

The resulting information system, based on optimized processes, can be enriched and interfaced with existing systems. Information systems can also be enriched with Location Intelligence services of the ArcGIS platform. Enriching your information systems with location intelligence provides deeper insights into your business and client interaction. Those insights enable decision-makers to pro-actively take necessary measures for optimal production and service provision.

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