[WEBINAR] How to Survive as a Small Business in 2021

[WEBINAR] How to Survive as a Small Business in 2021

A Crises can Promote Creativity…

We are dealing with volatile time, a volatile economy, and a changing world since Covid-19. Many small businesses have had to shut down since the Pandemic and many are still struggling to survive. Yet, there were others who pivoted, who got creative, shifted their thinking, and made small changes that allowed them to stay afloat and keep things going.

 They not only survived, they thrived.

There’s a saying, “A crisis promotes creativity…”, and many businesses have used creative methods to keep themselves afloat and create new streams of income for themselves which they would otherwise have not thought of if it weren’t for the Pandemic.

So are you ready to pivot, make small and subtle changes to your business, and find your creativity to change the way you do business in an ever-changing market?

How to Survive as a Small Business in 2021

Learn how you can pivot by making small shifts in your business during challenging times

March 24, 2021

12:00 EST • 13:00 Suriname

Format: ZOOM Webinars


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