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About UniBiz Tech N.V.

We make IT tech easy for our customers. With our proud partnerships you get the best solutions based on your budget.

We make Companies, Small Businesses and Homes better from the benefit of the latest ICT Technologies, Automation and Other Smart Solutions.
UniBiz is your partner to be when it comes to IT Tech Solutions.

Services UniBiz Tech N.V.

  • QuickBooks Software
    The #1 software when it comes to accounting and managing your business finances.
  • Computer Networks
    Setup your computer Network by the Pros.
  • Time Attendance & Door Access
    We provide you with the best Bio-metric Systems available on the market. From Time Attendance to Door Access.
  • Computer Service
    Repair or Service of computers, laptops, Servers, NAS servers etc.
  • Web Design / Development
    Reach more customers by getting your business online.
  • Cloud Computing
    Are you ready for the cloud? Get consulting to help setup your cloud network.
  • Home Automation
    Smart devices for your home/business, control systems from your smartphone/laptop.
  • Backup Management
    Making backups is crucial for your business or home network. Get a backup plan from us.
  • Internet Marketing Services
    Getting more leads and sales is the main focus of your business. We provide you with the tools do achieve that. Online marketing is an essence of getting more sales.

Contact UniBiz Tech N.V.

Contact persoon: Keizerweerd Daryl
Tel: +597-8967232
Whatsapp: +597-8967232
Direct Email:

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